Hervé Grélat was born in Porrentruy (Jura) in 1977. In 2001 he received the conducting diploma for brass instruments at the conservatory of Lausanne in the group of Pascal Favre, followed by the teaching diploma for French Horn at the conservatory of La Chaux-de-Fonds in the group of Claudio Pontiggi in 2004 and his conducting diploma for orchestras at the conservatory of Zürich in the group of Johannes Schlaefi in 2007.


Hervé Grélat ranked second in the European conducting competition in Bergen (Norway) as well as in the Swiss contest in Baden (Aargau) in 2003.


From 2006 until 2018 Grélat conducted the Brass Band Luzern Land (most advanced class). He was invited to conduct several orchestras such as the National Youth Brass Orchestra (Nationales Jugendblasorchester NJBO), the National Youth Brass Band (NJBB), the Brass Symphony Orchestra Aulos (2008 and 2016), the Brass Orchestra Oberland Thun (BOOT) (2014-2017) and the symphony orchestra “Variaton” in Bern.


Regularly he is invited as lector and as expert in music competitions for soloists and ensembles. He was teaching conducting at the conservatory of Lausanne from 2013 until 2019. Since summer 2019, he is instructor for conducting brass music at the Hochschule Luzern - Musik.


Hervé Grélat is currently conductor at the Stadtmusik Luzern (wind orchestra) and the Berner Musikkollegium. In addition he his teaching conducting and Musicology brass instruments at the Ecole Jurasienne et Conservatoire de Musique (EJCM).